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One day I said my lover, but I cannot anymore

No one is another fault, the story of us have ended

What a pity all memories, in the leg when i their retreat.

lie would say that, to go to the one who can tap

do not believe you teardrop, by itself without repressing you

I remember that moment that we happen to me.

I swear before you except that I love you do not want to

I do not believe that anybody I have no other

you spend the fault is in retaliation for that I’m going.

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The essential sadness is to go through life without loving.But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you love

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There are 3 steps to happiness: 1. you, 2. me, 3. our hearts, 4. eternity

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Falling in love is when she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams!

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The words are easy when the language is LOVE ! .i love the 'y' .i love the 'o' .i love the 'u' .put them together

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Today, for the expression of love is considered as booty to your beloved ones. Perhaps feel tomorrow. . but no dear

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Green Desert in love, this talk of your death I take my death, so I never ask.

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I am alive with your name wither without my name, after reaching threescore years I am ready to meet you.

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𺰘 L O V E ˜°ºð




Since a very long time ago, people have searched for the meaning of love. But even the great philosophers, with their profound definitions, could not fully touch its true essence. In a survey of 4-8 year olds, kids share their views on love. But what do little kids know about love?


Read on and be surprised that despite their young and innocent minds, kids already have a simple but deep grasp of that four-letter word.


"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smile to each other."






"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs."



"Love is when someone hurts you. And you get so mad but you don't yell at him because you know it would hurt his feelings."






"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK."


"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday."





"You can break love, but it won't die."



"Love is when mommy sees daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsome then Robert Redbird."





"I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones."


"When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come

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عشق یعنی سبز و جاری تا خدا



عشق یعنی گم شدن تا انتها



عشق یعنی یک نماز بیقرار، نور دیدن در دل یک شب تار



عشق یعنی یک قدم تا آسمان،‌آؤج صحبت های خوب بندگان



عشق یعنی یک صدا با دل شدن، همنشین و مهمان محمل شدن



عشق یعنی همنوایی با سروش همسفر، با رود پر جوش و خروش



عشق یعنی همسفر با قاصدک، هم نشینی با نگاه پروانه



عشق یعنی لحظه زیبای عشق، عشق یعنی آبی دریای عشق


و هرگز Love در انگلیسی به معنای عشق در زبان پارسی نیست :ws46:


Love in English and never meant to love language is Persian



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The many miles between us

makes me sad and blue

can't wait 'til we're together

I'm really missing you

I imagine you here beside me

reality brings a tear

my days drag on without you

I long to hold you near

My love for you is burning

I need your tender touch

thoughts of you bring sadness

I'm missing you so much

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Some things in life are great, some things small, some things simple and some things are important: great love like small simple grief as important as I like you. . .

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i love setare:icon_gol:

لینک شد به پروفایل ستاره بلو

البته این ستاره ایهام داشت و باید به صورت کاملا کارشناسانه بررسی بشه که منظورت داش ابی من کدوم ستاره بوده!!!!!:167:

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Once a Girl when having aconversation with her lover, asked

یك بار دختری حین صحبت با پسری كه عاشقش بود، ازش پرسید


Why do you like me..? Why do you loveme?

چرا دوستم داری؟ واسه چی عاشقمی؟


I can't tell the reason... but I really like you

دلیلشو نمیدونم ...اما واقعا"‌دوست دارم


You can't even tell me the reason... howcan you say you like me?

تو هیچ دلیلی رو نمي توني عنوان كني... پس چطور دوستم داری؟


How can you say you love me?

چطور میتونی بگی عاشقمی؟


I really don't know the reason, but Ican prove that I love U

من جدا"دلیلشو نمیدونم، اما میتونم بهت ثابت كنم


Proof ? No! I want you to tell me thereason

ثابت كنی؟ نه! من میخوام دلیلتو بگی


Ok..ok!!! Erm... because you arebeautiful,

باشه.. باشه!!! میگم... چون تو خوشگلی،


because your voice is sweet,

صدات گرم و خواستنیه،


because you are caring,

همیشه بهم اهمیت میدی،


because you are loving,

دوست داشتنی هستی،


because you are thoughtful,

با ملاحظه هستی،


because of your smile,

بخاطر لبخندت،


The Girl felt very satisfied with thelover's answer

دختر از جوابهای اون خیلی راضی و قانع شد


Unfortunately, a few days later, the Lady met with an accident and wentin coma

متاسفانه، چند روز بعد، اون دختر تصادف وحشتناكی كرد و به حالت كما رفت


The Guy then placed a letter by herside

پسر نامه ای رو كنارش گذاشت با این مضمون




Darling, Because of your sweet voicethat I love you, Now can you talk?

عزیزم، گفتم بخاطر صدای گرمت عاشقتم اما حالا كه نمیتونی حرف بزنی، میتونی؟


No! Therefore Icannot love you

نه ! پس دیگه نمیتونم عاشقت بمونم


Because of your care and concern that Ilike you Now that you cannot show them, therefore I cannot loveyou

گفتم بخاطر اهمیت دادن ها و مراقبت كردن هات دوست دارم اما حالا كه نمیتونی برام اونجوری باشی، پس منم نمیتونم دوست داشته باشم


Because ofyour smile, because of your movements that I love you

گفتم واسه لبخندات، برای حركاتت عاشقتم


Now can you smile? Now canyou move? No , therefore I cannot love you

اما حالا نه میتونی بخندی نه حركت كنی پس منم نمیتونم عاشقت باشم




If love needs a reason, like now, Thereis no reason for me to love you anymore

اگه عشق همیشه یه دلیل میخواد مثل همین الان، پس دیگه برای من دلیلی واسه عاشق تو بودن وجود نداره


Does love need a reason?

عشق دلیل میخواد؟


NO! Therefore!!

نه!معلومه كه نه!!


I Still LOVEYOU...

پس من هنوز هم عاشقتم




True love never dies for it is lust thatfades away

عشق واقعی هیچوقت نمی میره


Love bonds for a lifetime but lust justpushes away

این هوس است كه كمتر و كمتر میشه و از بین میره


Immature love says: "I love you becauseI need you"

"عشق خام و ناقص میگه:"من دوست دارم چون بهت نیاز دارم


Mature love says "I need you because Ilove you"

"ولی عشق كامل و پخته میگه:"بهت نیاز دارم چون دوست دارم


"Fate Determines Who Comes Into OurLives, But Heart Determines Who Stays"

"سرنوشت تعيين ميكنه كه چه شخصي تو زندگيت وارد بشه، اما قلب حكم مي كنه كه چه شخصي در قلبت بمونه"

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A big difference in the lack of other friend, lack of love with him

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I wanted to be with you asked to remain anonymous, I understood Moons and I told you, I wanted to be always in frankly about you and I wanted to remain anonymous and step in the day you alone I told you, I wanted to look hosted I named you, I wanted my heart to souvenir if I told you did not want any benefit to you and you asked to remain anonymous

به اشتراک گذاری این ارسال

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